One of the most successful new writers of the 21st century. Producers get in line to get the screen rights for his books even before the release of another book. 6 full-length films and TV series based on his works
have been made for the past 5 years. Ivanov has been nominated three times for the National Bestseller Award.
He is the finalist of the "Big Book" national literary award, winner of the "Book of the Year" and many other professional awards. Critics call his highly successful books "modern historical novels."
Iconic science fiction and social science fiction writers. Their books have more than 300 editions in 27 countries. They have huge fan bases around the world. 21 screen versions, 8 computer games are based on their works. Since 1999, an international literary prize named after Strugatsky has been awarded.
Our service, thanks to cooperation with the heirs of writers, will offer a screen version of the manuscript - the movie essay The Wishing Machine. This is the first draft of the Stalker script – a movie by Andrei Tarkovsky. The director thought it was unnecessarily adventurous with lots of CGI.
French Magazine included Pelevin in the list of 1000 most influential figures of modern culture. His works were translated into all European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese.
Plays based on his stories are performed in theaters of Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and Paris. Pelevin's style is distinguished by parodies and phantasmagoria for intellectuals. "Entertaining" literature about the journey of the spirit.


  New worlds

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