Extra world


With the release of each new film, we create a whole world of supplemental shows: short films, quests, TV shows in social media.
One of such projects is an immersive AR show Stalkers.The show is based on a combination of AR and VR for the first time in the world (the real images of viewers, actors, scenery is integrated into the virtual space with which the viewer can interact).
Hello Computer became our partner in this project, while the world of the show is created by Alex Andreev who wrote the concept for the TV series Roadside Picnic by Sony Inc.
Here are the examples of art concepts for our show.
Our flagship project for today is an online platform for immersive (interactive) films  TV series Deep.movie . We also provide investment service in the production of immersive cinema Deep.vote.
The team of Immersive Media Technologies and our partners are now developing and realizing various shows from additional worlds. One of these developments is under the link below.